New Upbeat, Uplifting music!

Hello everybody, I haven't written in awhile, but I wanted to take another moment to present a lot of new music that my son has completed and has distributed on most all listening platforms. Here are just a few of the links for different listening platforms. His songs can be streamed on Spotify, Apple music... Continue Reading →

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This is not one of my usual articles about ending the stigma. But then again, it might be considered that once you begin to read it. Tonight, I come to you with my thoughts and to share my testimony. To express my gratefulness for God's grace and tender mercies. It's through some of my most... Continue Reading →

Suicide prevention month

Hi All, Most of my followers know I'm very passionate about advocacy for issues relating to individuals who live with mental illness and giving efforts toward ending stigma. My family has personally been impacted by mental illness and I almost lost a child to suicide. But it was by the grace of God it didn't... Continue Reading →

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