Mental Health First Aid #MentalHealthMatters #EndTheStigma #MentalHealthAwareness

I cannot stress enough how much everyone’s Mental Health is just as IMPORTANT as their physical health.

And knowing what to do during a mental health crisis, is necessary. What to do, what to say, what not to say, how to help, what actions to take, how to identify the type of crisis and treatment needed. Would you know where to turn for help, who to call, where to start, what to expect?

My husband and I took a mental health first aid training class. I have to say that being a mom of a child with bipolar disorder and a child that has had a psychotic break due to stress, this training was not only accurate, but informative, educational and eye opening.

There was even an exercise that the class did to attempt to give the idea of just how challenging and difficult it can be for an individual while experiencing psychosis. This really hit home for us, because although we don’t have mental illness ourselves, nor can we truly say this exercise exemplified what an individual actually goes through while in psychosis, it gave enough of the significant examples of how the mind is challenged to try and concentrate on outside things, conversations, ability to focus, while hearing auditory hallucinations at the exact moment that so many other things are going on at the same time. It hit home because we witnessed our children suffer through psychosis and it was admittingly so, a very difficult and extremely hard period of time to work through. All I can say, is register today and educate yourself.

It would be wonderful if it was priority to EVERY person, especially those in the line of work such as, first responders and public educators. EVERY parent, sibling, just EVERYONE.

It would be life-changing if we as a whole could END THE STIGMA that surrounds mental health. And if we could invest our time and money into finding a cure for these brain disorders. If we could look at them as medical illnesses and not just something to be dismissed and isolated.

Change is necessary. Mental illnesses are brain disorders in my own opinion. Mental illnesses don’t discriminate, they impact whomever they want, wherever they are, and without prejudice of a person’s religion, belief, gender, race, culture, weight. Mental health organizations lack in funding and this has to change!

The harsh truth is that people don’t support what hasn’t impacted their lives. People won’t support what they can’t understand. People only jump on board once their lives have been touched, my plead, is PLEASE don’t wait to be in a mental health crisis to finally get training, education, facts.

If you were experiencing cardiac arrest, and you flatlined wouldn’t you hope and want someone around you to call for help and perform CPR and do it properly? Allowing you the chance to be resuscitated and getting you help in those first few crucial moments?! Don’t wait to be in crisis, be prepared.

Thanks for listening! Remember mental health matters! Self care is important. End the stigma, educate yourself. I hope to change the way you see mental illness. Everyone has a journey, and their own walk of life. This is just a small part of mine. This is my experience, my views, my own opinions, my own plead for change. I’m NOT a doctor, NOT a mental health professional, but I AM A MOM AND ADVOCATE who has walked in my own shoes. I’m writing about what I know to be my truth, and not about what I saw in the media or what I heard 3rd party from someone else. Again thanks for being here!

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