Operating in my purpose! While helping others. #Journey #Advocacy #MentalHealth

Hi everyone!

I’m super excited to announce my latest achievement in completing NAMI’s family-to-family support program! This was a 12 week course. But we managed to finish in 11!

Next up, I am registered to become trained on facilitating their Ending the Silence program! Which is exactly what I am passionate about. This program is geared toward teens and youth. It is designed to educate and bring awareness about mental illness and mental health. I’m so excited to become official in the coming months. I’m passionate about this program because it hits home for my family and the experiences we had as my son battled his illness while in middle school, high school alone and isolated. We were his only trusted support system. Outside of our home it was kept under wraps because of the shame, stigma, and fear. So I am using my journey to give insight to others.

It is all strictly volunteer based. So if others are looking to become involved you can go to nami.org and sign up to become a member or apply to become a facilitator with your local affiliate. NAMI has many affiliates in various states across the nation.

I challenge you to do your part to help create change and end the stigma!

Thanks for the continued support!

7 thoughts on “Operating in my purpose! While helping others. #Journey #Advocacy #MentalHealth

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  1. Thank you for sharing about this… I have a sister with a severe mental disorder. When she takes her meds (and they work), all is relatively well. But when she stops taking her meds or they stop working, it quickly becomes a nightmare. I have thought about getting involved with NAMI but I live far from any groups. Maybe I need to be the one to start a group in my area. I’m sure there are others who would benefit from it near me.


    1. Your welcome. What city do you live in? If you dont mind my asking? You could always contact NAMI National and inquire with them? They may be able to steer you in the right direction. And I know all about what you mean with medications. Best wishes to you and your sister.


      1. Thanks! I live in Tehachapi, CA which is about an hour from Lancaster and an hour from Bakersfield. Not THAT far, but I don’t have a good, reliable car at my disposal. I never really thought about starting our own meeting here until I read your post earlier today. Now the wheels are turning


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