Believe in You! #MentalHealth

You don’t need others to validate your choices.

You don’t need others to boost your self esteem.

Don’t give others the power to define who you are. You only need to believe in your self worth and remain confident at all times. Even thru failure you can find success.

You don’t need a fortune cookie to tell you good things about yourself.

You don’t need a psychic to tell you about your life.

You don’t need to blow out all the candles on your cake in one blow to make your wishes come true.

You don’t need a bunch of money to create wealth.

You don’t need a million followers on social media to be considered as important.

You should never allow any person to shatter your worth, your value, your ideas, your dreams, or your hopes.

You don’t need anymore excuses.

You don’t have to keep searching for confirmation or validation or accreditation.


I hope I was able to encourage someone tonight!

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Thanks for being here! -Erika

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