Suicide prevention month

Hi All,

Most of my followers know I’m very passionate about advocacy for issues relating to individuals who live with mental illness and giving efforts toward ending stigma.

My family has personally been impacted by mental illness and I almost lost a child to suicide. But it was by the grace of God it didn’t happen completely.

Earlier this month, I learned that someone I was following on twitter, but had never met in person, but very influential and a candid individual, who was not only a husband, a father, and a mental health advocate, and pastor had sadly taken his own life. This was disheartening news for me. I felt so hurt and even cried because he didn’t feel worthy to continue living and felt he was better off not here. My heart ached because it also hit home for myself and the experiences I had myself and battling thoughts from memories of 2018 when everything in my entire world seemed to be flipped upside down, but here is what we don’t seem to realize in this somewhat, unrealistic, uncompassionate society, is that these so-called “elect” individuals who have these fancy titles, or mass following on social media, as celebrities, famous athletes, pastors, famous musicians, models, etc., is that, these too are human people, non exempt from hurt, pains, issues of past, present and future, and are just as fragile as the next. We all have had issues, if you can read this and say you don’t have issues , than you are lying to yourself and others. Please stop seeing the title of the person and just see the person and reach a level of understanding that no one is exempt from mental illness.

Anyways, the reason for my blog today is to inform you that I am participating in helping raise funds for American Foundation for Suicide Preventionand it’s another to help raise funds.

Here is a photo of me and my youngest son, and is the photo for my profile on their donation site. So you know you have the correct person.

I did my first walk with NAMI Walks earlier this year and it was an amazing campaign. I met some really wonderful people there. And if you’ve never done this walk before its amazing to see just how much support there is and confirmation that we aren’t alone in this ongoing battle. There are people from all different walks of life. There was parents, spouses, the individual themself who lives with mental illness and so many community sponsors.

Anyways, I’m doing the walk to help raise funds for Suicide Prevention. So I am asking for your small donations to help sponsor me as I walk for this great cause. The link is in the above paragraph. I have set a small goal of $150.

Thank you very much in advance.


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