Thank you for being honest! #Stigmasnomore

This is a short article. Just a moment of my time to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all that have read my articles and posted honest feedback.

I created a collage from readers and some of the comments I have received.

When I first did this blog, I honestly didn’t think anyone would read anything I write about. I didn’t think what I’ve experienced in my life was going to be relatable at all. Boy was I wrong.

When I write, I like to write with a purpose. Not just to blog for the day. So this is why I don’t blog daily. Not to mention that I don’t always have as much free time.

My purpose is to inspire others with hope. And to encourage someone else who might be feeling all alone in the struggle. I also share my experiences as a mom and various situations I have lived to tell, being very honest about situations and my faith with God. I try to use my own journey as a educational piece to inform others who may not be informed or maybe they just never experienced what I have. But I am in no ways a mental health professional, or licensed physician. I am just me, a mom with her own experience, which is my own truth.

With all that being said, I’ll end it and say, THANK YOU EVERYONE!

Without the readers I wouldn’t have a purpose to keep writing.

My next goal is to complete the book idea I have been working on.

Thank you for being here once again.

Blessings to you all. -Erika Brooks

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