Supporting National Alliance on Mental Illness. #NAMIwalks #MentalHealthMonth

My entire family is able to walk with NAMI walks next weekend! I know its last minute, 1 week left, but my youngest son has a page to help raise funds. Just click his name and give any amount. Sponsor Erik as he walks to honor his brother and so many others living with mental... Continue Reading →

It’s only temporary. #Inspiration #Hope

If there's one thing I have learned along my journey with life and God, its this. Sometimes God put me in temporary inconvenient places because He was preparing me for a permanent position with promotion. So when your dealing with hardship, just know it's only temporary. All that stressing is just a pathway to your... Continue Reading →

Chase your own dreams. #God #journey #character

Never allow others to redefine ur character & who God called u to become. And never allow them to influence u stray off the path that u know God set before u. Every1s journey is different. Its not worth chasing after other ppls dreams, instead chase after ur own. Thanks For being here.

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