New Upbeat, Uplifting music!

Hello everybody, I haven't written in awhile, but I wanted to take another moment to present a lot of new music that my son has completed and has distributed on most all listening platforms. Here are just a few of the links for different listening platforms. His songs can be streamed on Spotify, Apple music... Continue Reading →


This is not one of my usual articles about ending the stigma. But then again, it might be considered that once you begin to read it. Tonight, I come to you with my thoughts and to share my testimony. To express my gratefulness for God's grace and tender mercies. It's through some of my most... Continue Reading →

It’s only temporary. #Inspiration #Hope

If there's one thing I have learned along my journey with life and God, its this. Sometimes God put me in temporary inconvenient places because He was preparing me for a permanent position with promotion. So when your dealing with hardship, just know it's only temporary. All that stressing is just a pathway to your... Continue Reading →

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