The story behind the music. #MentalHealthMatters #BattleMinded

Hello everybody! It's been awhile since I've taken some time to write an article unsure where to go with details and not sound repetitive. I began writing this back on May 2nd and intended to post it at that time, but instead here it is being shared with the world today. This is a little... Continue Reading →

All about my son Erik.

To those who follow my stories about my children, this is my youngest son Erik. He was born normal and healthy and on time. But some life-altering events with his heart took place when he was just an infant, so it lead to his development being delayed. He is 17 yrs old and a senior... Continue Reading →

Words matter #MentalHealth #StigmasNoMore

When people have a Mental Health diagnosis they never even wanted themselves & others throw "words" around to stigmatize, it's like sentencing a completely innocent person to death row for a crime they weren't even present to commit. Falsely accused of a crime. And now dealing with consequences that don't fit. The punishment doesn't fit... Continue Reading →

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