The story behind the music. #MentalHealthMatters #BattleMinded

Hello everybody! It's been awhile since I've taken some time to write an article unsure where to go with details and not sound repetitive. I began writing this back on May 2nd and intended to post it at that time, but instead here it is being shared with the world today. This is a little... Continue Reading →

Hit the ignore button. #Stress #relaxation

Sometimes managing everyone's stress is what causes you stress. Especially when trying to manage conversations, insensitive comments, arguing, bickering and complaining, and trying to prevent the volcano from erupting. This is the moment when you just stop, breathe, hit the ignore button and turn up your favorite music or whatever else helps you to move... Continue Reading →

Epilepsy the “invisible” disability.

My 20yr old daughter was just recently diagnosed as having a form of epilepsy called Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy. She has been unable to drive herself due to our state law and for safety precautions. However, we are approaching the time where she can become cleared by her neurologist to get behind the wheel again. But... Continue Reading →

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